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Dirty Dough - The Filthy Fun Party Game for Awful Adults

In the game of Dirty Dough, only those with the filthiest minds will triumph! This truly twisted dough-sculpting party game puts your creativity and depravity to the test. Round up a threesome for quickie play, or divide a larger group into two teams and play competitively dirty! Whichever mode you chose, the rules are as easy as the players. Before anyone starts diddling the dough, the selected sculptor chooses a Dirty Dough card. All cards have three categories (Sexy, Kinky, Disgusting) and hints. The sculptor reads their card’s category and hint aloud, then flips the timer over. With 60 seconds on the clock, players compete to guess what obscene scene the sculptor is molding. The first one to collect three cards wins! If this isn’t hard enough, use the challenge tiles to make team play even dirtier. Sculpt using only one hand, with your eyes closed, or use one of your teammates as a sexy mannequin! Turn game night into an outrageously adult game night with Dirty Dough!


  • THE RAUNCHY ADULT PARTY GAME: How filthy are your friends? In this hilariously indecent party game for adults, players test their creativity and depravity as they sculpt!
  • HOW TO PLAY: Players use clue cards and dough (included) to mold and make downright disgusting scenes. Guess the clue correctly and win!
  • HILARIOUS, FILTHY FUN: Players select clues from three categories: Sexy, Kinky and Disgusting. Game night quickly becomes over-the-top fun with Dirty Dough!
  • Dirty Dough is a party game for adults only. Three or more players can play the game where only the filthiest minds win!


  • 1 “Filthy” Red Dough
  • 1 “ Disgusting” Blue Dough
  • 1 “Dirty” Dough Tub
  • 1 “ Nasty” Die
  • 1 “Kinky” Sand Timer
  • 2 “Obscene” People Molds
  • 10 “Gross” Challenge Tiles
  • 110 “Indecent” Clue Cards
  • “Relatively Clean” Instructions

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